Strategic Collaborations

Two of the NLRC’s projects build on existing models for inter-institutional collaboration to strengthen LCTL programs.

Strategic Coordination

Enrollment fluctuations and trends are one of the biggest challenges for building sustainable LCTL programs. Strategic collaboration, including course sharing and joint programming, between institutions and organizations can lead to more consistent, sustainably larger enrollments, providing institutions with more language diversity. The NLRC will support strategic coordination efforts by financially supporting LCTL course offerings with partner institutions, continuing to develop models for LCTL course sharing and convening strategic dialogue groups with language program leaders and administrators.


Many language programs, especially LCTL programs, do not have access to support and professional development services. The NLRC seeks to address this need by providing CeLTA’s Language Program Consulting (LPC) services to LCTL programs free of charge. Preference will be given to minority-serving institutions and LCTL programs that can document a particular need. Access the LPC request form here (at the bottom of the page).