Local LCTL Assessments (LoLA)

Assessment in LCTLs can be notoriously difficult due to few (or no) standardized test options or lack of alignment with assessments and curriculum. The Local LCTL Assessments (LoLA) project is developing test specifications and test-template kits for online, computer-adaptive LCTL placement and diagnostics. The LoLA project will also train LCTL educators in using the templates to develop and edit test items so that they can continue to refine assessments locally.

Our poster presentation at NCOLCTL 2023 is shared below, and it includes links to the pilot versions of the self-assessment template and guide which you can also access directly below:

LoLA NCOLCTL 2023 poster 


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Humanities Commons

To see more self-assessment related materials and resources, check out our LoLA website on Humanities Commons, linked here. You will find self-assessment tutorial videos, ACTFL and CEFR guidlines, as well as additional materials that can supplement your self-assessment creation journey. 

Check out two self-assessment creation videos, presented by our graduate assistants with the LoLA program: