Open Resources

Three NLRC projects focus on establishing and expanding resources for teaching LCTLs.


Downloadable Open Online Resources (DOORs) are designed specifically for instructors of less commonly taught languages who may struggle with a lack of resources for teaching their language. Special focus is given to creating adaptable resources which instructors can then convert into their relevant linguistic and cultural contexts. The NLRC will continue to develop additional adaptable resources, as well as build a library of language-specific resources. View existing DOORs resources here. 

Local LCTL Assessment Templates

Assessment in LCTLs can be difficult due to few (or no) standardized test options or lack of alignment with assessments and curriculum. The Local LCTL Assessments (LoLA) project will develop test specifications and a test-template kit for online, computer-adaptive LCTL placement and diagnostics. The LoLA project will also train LCTL educators in using the templates to develop and edit test items so that they can continue to refine assessments locally.


Because opportunities to study LCTLs in formal educational contexts are limited, LCTL instruction often falls on family or community members. Many students want to study LCTLs to continue learning a language spoken at home or in their communities or to communicate more effectively within immigrant or diaspora communities. Yet many parents, guardians and community members take on the role of language educator without the support they need. The Teach-a-LCTL initiative will create two resource guides for community LCTL instruction, one at the novice and one at the intermediate level.